Friday, November 04, 2016

Some Questions Concerning the Presidential Race

1. Who do you want to win?
2. Who do you think will win?
3. How confident are you that this will happen? (Express as a percentage)
4. How intense is your interest in this election? (Express as a percentage)
5. How intense do you think the interest of the typical USF student is in this election? (Express as a percentage)
6. Which of the issues discussed by the candidates this election cycle matters most to you? (No more than three)
7. What are your primary news sources about the election? (No more than three)

Things to discuss:

Horse-race versus issue-based coverage of elections

False equivalence

The role of the press in a democracy

The news silo and bias confirmation

(Don't forget to look at HuffPost and Drudge)

Poll chasing & the wisdom of crowds

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