Tuesday, February 17, 2015

More Disputes Around Value of Twitter

Twitter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

"Oh, no. This tweet is worthless, according to@DKThomp
But RT anyway?" suggests Columbia Journalism School's Linda Bernstein, while sharing Derek Thompson's Atlantic screed that asks, "What Good Is Twitter?" (5,100+ shares). "I analyzed my most popular tweets. They had the average click-through rate of a digital display ad in East Asia," Thomspon explainsWall Street Journal's Elana Zak reacts, "@DKThomp
 confirms what has long been suspected: People are prone to sharing links they may never actually read." At the New York Times, however, tech reporter Vindu Goel argues, "Twitter is more a news aggregator, @dkthomp. For most people, headlines are enough, so no need to click to article."

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